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Hi. Welcome to Iacullo-Ryu Studios of Self Defense and Martial Arts

We are now an online  martial arts studio. We teach private lessons to you through our videos and you simply test by sending in a video of yourself performing the techniques and that is it! As simple as that.

You receive 1 new video every month after passing the current video for a total of 16 videos. If mastered properly, you can become a black belt in 16 months!

You may test 30 days after receiving the video. You will need to practice the skills for at least 30 days before you may test.

After 30 days you can test. Simply, video yourself performing the techniques, send it back to Master Iacullo and then a black belt will grade your performance. Once passed, you will receive your belt and may move on.

We focus on the student and have converted to online classes as it works around your schedule and you learn 7 times faster!

Here are the videos you will receive:

Yellow Belt 1 – Test

Yellow Belt 2 – Belt Test

Orange Belt 1 – Test

Orange Belt 2 – Belt Test

Purple Belt 1 – Test

Purple Belt 2 – Belt Test

Blue Belt 1 – Test

Blue Belt 2 – Belt Test

Green Belt 1 – Test

Green Belt 2 – Belt Test

Brown Belt 1 – Test

Brown Belt 2 – Test

Brown Belt 3 – Belt Test

Black Belt 1 – Test

Black Belt 2 – Test

Black Belt 3 – Belt Test


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Contact Master Iacullo for more details – 561-859-9993


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Iacullo Ryu Karate Jiu Jitsu Boynton Beach


Our studio is located in Boynton Beach.

Iacullo’s Studio in Self Defense and Martial Arts

Boynton Beach, Fl 33473


*Testing fees will apply. ($50 per test except for Black Belt Test which is $100).  Actual belts are included in the testing Fees.

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  1. Master Iacullo now teaches via SKYPE! Give him a call at 561-859-9993 and he will give you a consultation on how your can earn your black belt being taught over the internet.

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